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    A Year Ago

    I am writing a blog after more than a year. I have started to sort the photos I have taken in the past one year. The thing is I do not take as many photos as I used to or spend time in editing as I used to. The past one-and-half years have been consumed in searching for jobs/assignments and then finally taking up a new job. I was looking for a change and I got it! But the change has been all-consuming and has encompassed every aspect of my life – lifestyle, nature of work, working hours, household arrangement and child. Now that I am more used to the change, I am trying to get back to my earlier mode of photographing and writing.

    I moved to Thailand a year ago. I live in Khon Kaen in North East Thailand, about 450 kilometers from Bangkok, the Thai capital and 200 kilometers from Vientiane, the Laotian capital. Before making the final move, I came to see Khon Kaen in the second week of April (before Songkran, the Thai new year festival). My intention was to look around and make an assessment how living here would be like. Khon Kaen city, which has a population of about 150,000, seemed peaceful. The city is equipped with the basic facilities and infrastructure I thought I would need to live here. So I moved here!

    These photos were taken in Khon Kaen on my first visit, that is a year ago.

    (c) Sanchita Chatterjee 2019

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