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    Continuing on the project on Transience and Transcendence: Writing on Pictures…


    Some times climates within and without blend effortlessly. It could be a case of one influencing the other. I doubt inner feelings can bring about a change in the natural weather, whereas outside elements could and at times do impact our moods significantly. The inner mood may colour the vision with which we view the weather though: whether the rains are tiresome or romantic, whether the cold is bitter or tolerable, whether the heat is oppressive or bearable, and so on. 


    This poem is about emptiness within complemented or even enhanced by the starkness of the weather. Photo was taken in Himachal Pradesh – not exactly a place which experiences dry, scorching heat but I thought it would still convey the feelings well enough. 

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    © Photo and text: Sanchita Chatterjee 2016



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