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    In and around in this time

    As COVID-19 continues to rage in almost every part of the world, forcing lives of people and economies to slow down, it is an opportune time for us – humans – to reflect on our lives and if possible “reset” parts of our lives which are needed to be and possible to reset.

    Personally – for me- it is very busy at the moment. Being at home means working three jobs – as I usually say: work-from-home, home-schooling (my kid) and work-at-home (read: household chores). In spite of the physical toil it involves, I am liking our current situation of being stuck at home most of the time (no lockdown in Thailand. A state of emergency has been declared and people have been encouraged to stay at home). After about two years I am spending considerable length of time with my daughter without having to think of rushing to places and doing things which is what usually happens when I am at work or we are travelling or even – at times – in weekends.

    I also find that being at home has helped to quieten my mind to a great extent. I am not thinking of non-essential things as much (such as “what’s going on in this place!” “how are we going to do this?” at work. I still have deadlines though!). I am looking at birds again. To be honest, birds have not appeared all of a sudden in my neghbourhood because of decreased pollution levels (as it has been reported to happen in some parts of the world). They were always there. I even put birdseeds out for birds to eat on regular basis. Just that I hadn’t been noticing them of late.

    Yesterday I took out my camera and long lens (70-200 mm) and shot some photos of birds and of the sunrise this morning. I am posting a few photos here. A blogpost was due for quite some time. It appears it has been ages since I have blogged.

    Being with nature, observing birds, clicking photos and writing – these are a few of the things that bring me joy. Though I am still worried about COVID-19 medium-term fall out, I appreciate the opportunity to have these moments. Stay safe people!

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3 thoughts on “In and around in this time

  1. Renuka

    Well said Sanchita! I can totally relate to that. worries apart about what the impact of covid is going to be, this is the moment to reset life, bring out hobbies, indulge in nature

  2. Dr PNayak

    It is the touching reflections of life and reality, at the times of great trying times. Kudos to you.
    Nice to have your information through this nice story.

  3. Moushumi Ghosh Roy

    Really beautiful pictures and a write up from the heart. Yes Covid has brought us a global challenge…. Yet I feel it has brought with it so much goodness. Nature has started reclaiming their place which we human had pushed them out off. The air is clean and crisp. Finally able to see the true colours of the sky after ages. We are learning to live simply yet meaningfully. Spending time with Family is becoming a joyous occasions. We are and the world at large is going though a मंथन. Only अमृत can come out of it.

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