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    Old Photos - 2 (1)

    Only a few years old – but since I like Himalayan adventures…. Photo taken in Haridwar, with Olympus film camera.


    It started with a Facebook old photo challenge.


    A friend challenged me to post photos of myself taken more than 15 years ago. It put me in a dilemma for two reasons: one, I don’t ever take photos of old photos. Not that I have anything against it. It’s just something I never do. Perhaps I don’t prefer to, as I think old and especially damaged photos would get spoilt by repeated or wrong handling. (And I think I am lazy.) Two, I love monochromatic photos. They show things which coloured ones usually don’t. In particular, if I have to illustrate stories from back in time, I’d like to use monochromes. Not surprisingly, I wanted to post old black and white photos of myself from childhood days. The problem is I don’t have many of those in my possession. To be honest, I have many photos with friends and family, taken more than 15 years ago but not childhood photos. Even in the limited collection I have, many photos have got spoilt over the years. I have a kind of sadness about this. I didn’t want to spend much time on old photos.


    But then I looked at the photos in my collection. I got hooked on to them. After posting a few photos in Old Photo Challenge (only fb friends will be able to see this), I was inspired. I realised I have to preserve these well – not just the prints but also the memories. By this time, others (i.e. my family and friends) started posting or sending old photos too.


    I am adding more photos from my collection to write this blogpost. This is dedicated to my extended family, scattered across continents. I still prefer black and white. One coloured photo has been added in this post for the sake of nostalgia. A few photos are partially damaged.


    These are mostly photos of parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins when they were young or very young, in some cases. Some photos have me in them. Some photos were taken before I was born. A few unknown people (to me) appear in a few photos. I haven’t tried to identify them.


    I am not tagging anyone in this post. The people in these photo would recognise themselves and perhaps some others.


    Old Photos - 1 (2)


    Old Photos - 2 (2)

    Many years ago, Agra

    Old Photos - 4 (1)

    A wedding, many years ago

    Old Photos - 3 (2)

    Also many years ago, no that’s not me

    Old Photos - 5 (1)

    Dad, many years ago

    Old Photos - 6 (1)

    Me alright

    Old Fotos - 1

    Mom and I, partially damaged photo. Will try to find the negative

    Old Fotos - 3

    The toddler is me

    Old Fotos - 4

    I am still easily distracted

    Old Fotos - 6

    With older cousins

    Old Fotos - 2

    Yup – me…

    Old Photos - 8 (1)

    Nope – that’s not me (but I love this photo)

    Old Photos - 7 (1)

    Me, a few years later. Passport sized photo

    Old Fotos - 5

    Me, some more years later. Passport sized photo

    Old Photos - 1 (1)

    The Chatterjees 1997. Nostalgia. Only such photo.


    From the web, black and white photos of India taken a few decades ago:

    1. 10 rare black-and-white photos from 1947 show families bidding goodbye to each other and migrating across the border after India’s independence

    2. Raghu Rai’s India Reflections in Black & White

    3. Homai Vyarawalla: India’s First Female Photojournalist

    4. Raja Deen Dayal pictoral photography


    © Sanchita Chatterjee 2015


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